The Blog Turns Two

Santosh Ojha’s Weblog” is two years old today. This is as good a time as any to thank all those who take time out and read what I write.

I have a day job which, like all other jobs, comes with demands on time and energy. It is my love for writing and the appreciation of readers which makes me steal some moments during my frequent traveIs or during late nights at home. I have been averaging a post a week over the last year on a variety of topics covering nostalgia, travel, humour and of late, the odd piece on Hindi film songs.

The magic of Google and other search engines gets many hitherto strangers onto my blog. There is this Jamshedpur diaspora which stumbles upon my blog googling things like Durga Puja, singhara and Fakira chanachur which are near religion for those who have lived in the city. There are several posts in my blog on my growing up days in Jamshedpur. Then there are readers looking for Hindi stories who land on one of my three-part post called “My Seven favourite Hindi stories”. Then there are tourists looking for information on sundry areas like Sikkim’s Tshangu Lake, the terracotta warriors of China, Cellular Jail of Andaman and the street-side painters of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Then there are those blog visitors who hear about my blog from others.

Some continue to read my blog regularly thereafter. And some even become friends over a period of time.

Perhaps the oldest reader of my blog is my father who is in his mid-80’s. He does not actually read my blog (he has neither access to nor knowledge of computers) but I courier print-outs of all my posts to him. He reads them all, calls me and gives me his point of view. But he keeps telling me that I should start writing some serious stuff and not mere “chutkulas” which I post. For those not familiar with this Hindi word, “chutkula” means a joke and in this context, frivolous stuff.

Thank you, all.

PS: Here is what I wrote when the Blog turned one.


7 Responses to The Blog Turns Two

  1. Seema says:


  2. santoshojha says:

    Thank you, Seema and Sanjeev!

  3. Amit Das says:

    Congratulations Santosh ! Keep writing..I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts..Amit

  4. Gopinath says:

    Congratulations. Very interesting and more of realistic topics. i always admire your writing skills. Thanks

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