Satya Akshar: Making of a Book

Here is something which may be of interest to some of you who have been regular readers of my blog. You may recollect that I have written about my involvement in the publication of some of my father’s books. I decided to put these together in a “book” form as a gift to Pitaji and presented it to him when I visited my parents earlier this month. The picture you see below is the cover page of the book.

The Cover Page

The Cover Page

A small explanation on the name: Satya comes from from Pitaji’s name, Satyadeo. And Akshar as it is an account of his written words. Satya Akshar.

I quote below the introduction I wrote for this “book” which explains the background.

“I have been involved in some ways over the last few years with the publication of two books written by Pitaji and one commemorative volume released on the day he turned eighty. I have written about the making of these books at various points of time in the last year on my blog.

This booklet is a collection of the four pieces from my blog which talk about these books. Pitaji does not read my blog but he does read all what I print-out and send to him. And he has read all the pieces in this book. I have compiled them here for his ready reference.

Each piece is a personal account about of my involvement, so you will find a lot of personal anecdotes; some frivolous, some not-so. But I have been happy to play a role in making the books see the light of the day. There has been unbelievable help and cooperation from so many people, some from people I did not even know then. This is a story about them as well.

Like the books which had to see the light of the day, and I suppose each of these articles is a story which had to find an expression. And in writing them, I have not only relived the heady days preceding the release of each book, but I have relived my past few decades. The years in which I was beginning to discover the joys of reading and the pleasures of learning. All of which was due to one single individual, Pitaji.

Thanks to my good friends Rajan and Anshu for suggesting this great name for this “book”.

And last and not the least, I thank my wife Kiran, who is the first reader and critic of all what all I write, most of them right from the development phase. Thank you for being highly supportive of the book projects I undertook and my sundry writing interests.”

So that was the story of my first published book, never mind if it is self-published. A book is a book!!

In case someone wants a copy, my apologies in advance! You see, I printed just three copies of this “book”, digitally of course. Two copies have been given to Pitaji and other copy is in my library.

PS: Here are the posts which have gone into this book. Amrit Mahotsav, Thesis publication, Making of the Vinoba Bhave book, Release of the Vinoba book.

3 Responses to Satya Akshar: Making of a Book

  1. Mary says:

    congrats on your first book! Hope there are many more in your future. Self-published or not, the fact remains: a book is a book.

  2. rajesh ojha says:

    Really a great initiation this is.

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