Hala BHU!

I visited Varanasi on work earlier this week. And I insisted on squeezing in an hour’s trip to the BHU campus.

I will write later about the mixed feelings I had after visiting the campus after so many  years. In the meanwhile take a look at the images from this trip which I have put together in a powerpoint file.

Hope you enjoy!

And let me know how you felt.

Here is the ppt file Hala BHU!


4 Responses to Hala BHU!

  1. Milind Chalisgaonkar says:

    Good documentary. Look forward to your views.

  2. Amit Jain says:


    Thanks for posting this. The perspective was welcome as it is not just a set of random pictures. From the looks of it, the inside is about the same; the outside has changed but the Banaras spirit is unlikely to change.


  3. rajiv ahuja says:

    Thanks. It was nice. I had expected more changes. Hope the spirit of Kashi lives on.

  4. santoshojha says:

    Milind, Amit and Rajiv: Thanks for writing in. Yes, the spirit of Kashi lives on!

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