A Year of “Blogging”

Santosh Ojha’s Weblog” turns one today. It is your encouragement which has kept me going for the last 12 months.

Thank you very much, dear readers!

You may have realized that this is not a “blog” blog in the sense that I rarely write about my day-to-day experiences. Neither do I comment on current affairs. As I look back over the last twelve months, here are things I have not touched upon: Obama/McCain, Mumbai terrorist attacks, the global meltdown, India’s general elections etc. No Rahul Gandhi. No Rakhi Sawant. No Indian Idol. Not even pink chaddis!

I see myself as an entertainer. I find writing a great source of entertainment for me. If you have found some posts of mine entertaining, I am very happy.

Of the nearly one hundred posts on my blog, most are on nostalgia and travel. Going by the responses I think readers of my age group like the nostalgia pieces. Even those about mundane stuff I experienced during my growing-up days in Jamshedpur in 60’s and 70’s. My father, who I send print-outs of most of my pieces, wonders why I write about my very middle-class upbringing. To him I say, because I am proud of it. And that I want my children who have a relatively more privileged life to know about it. A good friend of mine keeps telling me that I wear my small-town, middle-class upbringing as a badge-of- honor!

You would have also noticed a large number of travel pieces on blog. I love travelling. Thankfully my work, too, takes me to some interesting places.

I was in Jamshedpur for Durga Puja after many years. I had written a nostalgia piece on the Jamshedpur Pujas prior to going there. Many liked it and I attempted a Puja reportage – daily reports from Jamshedpur on what I saw those four days. Much to my surprise, this proved to be a bit of a hit. The Jamshedpur diaspora across India and some outside as well were following the Puja pieces. Such are the emotions generated by Jamshedpur Pujas.

Those who have been reading my blog for some time would notice that I have not changed the look of the webpage. And, despite my plans otherwise, the name remains a simple “Santosh Ojha’s Weblog”. When I asked for suggestions, someone said that this name was too boring, and that this should be something as freaky and startling as “Pyaasi Atma”.  I know the layout is boring, the name even more so. I hope the contents are slightly better than these!

I confess tracking the number of visits to my blog. I want to be read! Nothing gives a writer more pleasure! Yes, there is something even better: I love to receive your comments, positive or negative. I want to know what you feel and where I can improve. So here is a request: please do comment, either directly on the post or via an email to me at santoshojha@gmail.com

For your support, encouragement and indulgences, thanks once again, dear readers!


7 Responses to A Year of “Blogging”

  1. Gullu says:

    Happy Anniversary

  2. Seema says:

    Congrats,Santosh! Keep it up thats all i can say….
    :-)…We remain thouroughly entertained…am sure all the readers will agree to this….

  3. sumit says:

    Dear Santosh
    I stumbled on to your blog while surfing for completely unrelated stuff, however since then i have made it a point to read it regularly . I have immensely enjoyed the way you write and can very easily identify with things you choose to write about. I grew up in late seventies in a small town in a typical middle class family, where education was the only way to achieve upward mobilty and being honest was a way of life and not a matter of choice. I have seen my parents go thr the same struggles which you write abt so much so that at times i feel you are putting words to my thoughts and memories .This occasion (completion of a year) seems to be a good time to thank you for a very ,different, blog and to allow a lot of us to slip back to our childhood and its now happy memories

  4. santoshojha says:

    Gullu: Thanks
    Seema: Thanks. With active readers like yourself to encourage me all the time, I hope to continue writing regularly.
    Sumit: Thanks. I am glad that my posts bring some cheer of childhood back to you!

  5. Amit Das says:

    Congrats Santosh..Keep writing..I enjoy the content more than anything else..The articles always bring smile on my face..Amit Das

  6. santoshojha says:

    Thanks, Amit. You have been a great motivator in this project!

  7. Shashi Kumar says:

    Congratulations Sir, Happy Anniversary

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