Jamshedpur Puja 2008 Diary: Shashthi

Today is Shashthi, the real action starts tomorrow. But I can’t wait and I round up my family to take a small chakkar of two of the pandals close to our house.

The first one is modelled on Baha’i faith’s famous Lotus Temple at Delhi.

Sonari West Puja Pandal modelled on the Lotus Temple

Sonari West Puja Pandal modelled on the Lotus Temple

Close-up of the "Lotus"

Close-up of the Lotus

The other Pandal is also grand, and is obviuosly modelled on a temple. It is intricately made from cane and bamboo.

Puja Pandal at Kagalnagar Bus Stand

Puja Pandal at Kagalnagar Bus Stand

Yesterday, while visiting my sister in another part of Jamshedpur, we were taken to two pandals which we were told were among the grandest in the city. One was modelled on a Khajuraho temple and the other was shaped like a gigantic boat. I have the pictures on my cellphone and once I figure out the blue-tooth business will upload them later. So, the tarpaulin and shamiana fixtures of yore have given way to architectural marvels.

However, the traditional Protima remains as grand as ever.

The Protima

The Protima

Close-up of the Protima

Close-up of the Protima

The ubiquitous toy-sellers are there aplenty, but I could not find the spring-monkey which I planned to buy for my sons and for a friend in Bangalore who wants it for his son who is now in 10th std! There have been many changes, like the masks which were earlier made of paper now come formed in a plastic sheet. I offered to buy some for my sons, they firmly declined my offer. Even my little nephew, seen in the picture below would not let me buy any of the toys on display.

The Toy Stand

The Toy Stand

But over-all a great festive air around the place!

Festive Atmosphere at the Pandal

Festive Atmosphere at the Pandal

Our Street Corner at 11.15pm on Shashthi day

Our Street Corner at 11.15pm on Shashthi day

The three main days start from tomorrow. There are many Protimas and pandals to be seen. And the spring-monkey to be located!

And yes, I have to buy those bhog coupons at 7 in the morning tomorrow. The coupons may sell out, I am warned by the organizers, so I had better be early!

You may read here the coverage of saptami, ashtami and navami


9 Responses to Jamshedpur Puja 2008 Diary: Shashthi

  1. Dear Mr. Santosh,

    The post was immensely very sensitive. I am bengali born in Kolkatta , but, brought up in Jabalpur (M.P). From the last 28 yrs, I have been enjoying the puja back home (Jabalpur). But, the worst of me is that although being a bengali. I am still incomplete in the sense, i have still not enjoyed the essence of the joy of Durga Puja celebrated in West Bengal. It’s still a dream for me to see the grand durga puja of Kolkatta (don’t know when my Maa will give me a darshan, or whether ever she will give me an opportunity).

    I have heard people narrating the stories of great pandals, the phuchkaas and the people full of energy bringing the mother goddess to her maternal home ( this really me excite me and sometimes jealous:)).

    Unfortunately, this time my durga puja is being spent all alone because of my professional commitments in my kormostholi, New Delhi. Haven’t got chance to offer my puja to the mother goddess. I am really missing the tasty bhog (honestly this is the only reason for which I wait for the mother goddess to come along the years).

    Your post has really brought tears in my eyes as I understood, my mother this time is not happy with me and don’t want to see me………But, on the contrary, with your written stuff I can at least cherish Maa durga. Thanks a lot for such a nice post.

    With Regards
    Bijoy Raj Guha

  2. Apurba says:

    Ahh you made me homesick ! are you located around Sonari?

    Check out mumbai pujo celebration


  3. santoshojha says:

    Bijoy Raj Da: Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my post. I hope next year you are able to enjoy Pujas at Kolkata. Work kept me away from my home-town Pujas for the last 18 years! This year I had resolved to be there along with my family.

    Apurba: You are right, I am very much from Sonari! Great place to be in during Durga Puja!! Your roots seem to be in Jamshedpur too, am I right? I am sure the Lokhandwala Puja and several others in Mumbai will bring joy to you this Pujas.

  4. biswarup says:

    This is just what I dreamt you would do. But I was relcutant to ask you-thinking that you would be busy and not find time to write/click photos. You are our representative in Jsr-lost souls of our beloved steel city.Keep it up.
    Nothing compares to or compensates for Pujo at home. Thank you-and Sharodiyo shubbecha-happy bijoya.


  5. rahul ramasubramanian says:

    santosh sir.. great post as usual..
    i think the khajuraho one is malkhan singh’s pandal in adityapur..( thats the info i have from home)… they are the best in the city.. do post pics of them…
    and haan… ch area kab jaoge… that is the essential loyola crowd wala puja… check it out

  6. Indrojit Sinha says:

    Santosh – Durga Puja is all about coming back HOME, being with your own people, walking amidst the the trees, buildings, roads that you used to walk once upon a time holding the hands of your father… meeting your old buddies – some who are fortunates or less fortunates but still a part of you… looking at the corner where you used to hide and have a fag… Have a great time in Jamshedpur.

  7. Tarun says:

    Hello i am from west bengal _Thanku for this:)

  8. Prakash Mahanand says:

    Hey santosh..
    awaiting eagerly for you 2009 durgapuja pics…

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