The Joys of Gymming

It is incredible that even after 15 years of checking into five star hotels I had never seen the inside of a hotel gym. Nor swum in the hotel swimming pool. Or used a hotel spa. All complementary facilities but never used.

What is true of hotel is true of home as well. There is a decent swimming pool in the apartment complex I stay in. And a decent gym at the “club-house”.

The only time I have entered the pool is when during winters, a few years ago, they had drained off the water to clean the pool and the pool was used as the dance floor for the New Year party. And I have visited the gym only twice: the first time to show off to a visitor of ours the facilities I had bought into with the purchase of the apartment. The other time was to locate my kids; I thought they may have found it a cool place for playing hide ‘n’ seek.

So it was with some hesitation that I entered the hotel gym some days ago on my travel a few days ago.

I have been taking brisk walks in the evenings of late, not much, about 30 minutes. My doctor has proclaimed that it will help control my blood sugar levels. I have taken the advice seriously. To the extent of even carrying my walking shoes etc. on my recent travels to be able to do the needful in the hotel gym.

It was not so bad after all. Simple, really. You walk onto the treadmill, switch the machine on, adjust a few controls like your weight, speed, duration of the walk etc and you, well, start walking!

Here are 10 reasons why I have enjoyed the first few trips to the hotels’ gyms:

  1. I am provided with a nice thick hand towel to wipe my sweat and a bottle of water by the gym guy/ girl as I start. Much better alternative to a handkerchief which I carry in my pocket as I walk on the paved pathway of the apartment building where I stay.
  2. If I am lucky I may see a nubile, curvy female on the neighboring treadmill. On the pathway I see my wife’s friends.
  3. I get to watch live TV as I tread the mill. At home I get to hear my neighbours’ snatches of gossip.
  4. I do not run the risk of bumping into wife’s friends who stop me just as I am gathering speed. And throw at multiple questions at me. Like: Oh! When did you start walking? When do you start your next travel? When did you return from your last travel? Where is your wife?
  5. I walk or run without the risk of bumping into kids learning how to cycle, lads learning how to play basketball.
  6. I do not have to dodge the odd dog being taken for a walk.
  7. I do not have to worry about the barks of the odd (and even) dog.
  8. I have no risk of tripping on the odd pebble on the pathway. The gym’s treadmill as smooth a baby’s bottom!
  9. I do not have my kids peering down my apartment balcony and yelling, “Papa, how many rounds done so far?”
  10. My wife is not around in the hotel gym to keep an eye on the time I walk. Or don’t!

Oh! I love the gym!


3 Responses to The Joys of Gymming

  1. Amit Das says:

    Interesting one..I opened the link and could not hold myself from reading the entire stuff..Amit

  2. manish says:

    will look out for you santosh…whenever we are at the same destination next… the hotel gym

  3. Urbi says:

    Very nice Santosh and specially the last 2 points. Reason enough to love gymming in the hotel gym 🙂

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