On 5 Star Hotel Service Levels: Part 3

Part Three: In Which We Play a Generous Host


Then I had a brilliant idea! There were several other colleagues of ours staying in the same hotel. I knew one of them would be interested in the snacks and I phoned him.


“We have some stuff for you to carry from our room. Why don’t you come in carrying an opaque bag.”




“Yes, opaque.”


“Should I carry the laundry bag?”


“No. NO! Something more decent please.”


A few minutes later in walked this colleague with the stylish paper bag which most 5 star hotels provide in the room. In the meanwhile we had packed the snack in a polythene bag.


He was taken aback. “Where did you get this?” He was referring to the snacks and not the polythene bag.


“Never mind. Now take it and run along, we have some work to finish. And by the way, would you like some soft drink to go with your snack?” I casually pointed to the pile of cans on the trolley.


The guy was a junior, so he did not ask too many questions. Or maybe he was smart enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth. He picked up a few cans of coke, dropped them in the hotel carry bag and walked away happily whistling to himself.


Minutes after he left, it was Chirpy’s man again, this time carrying a large tray with a chicken snack and some veg. pakodas. While the food looked delicious, there was far too much chicken for a casual non-veg guy like me. There was no way I could eat all of it. So, a call to another colleague, a certified non-veg loving chap.


“We have some stuff for you to carry from our room. Why don’t you come in carrying an opaque bag.”




“Yes, opaque.”


“Should I carry the laundry bag?”


“No. NO! Something more decent please.”


This guy too walked in with that paper carry bag. And walked out swinging the bag with the major portion of the chicken snack which we had hastily wrapped in the aluminum foil used to cover the tray. And some cans of Sprite too.


Suddenly, as he was leaving, my heart skipped a beat.


With all the attention and pampering being showered on me over the last few hours I was sure that Mr GM would have placed his men around my room awaiting the slightest signal from me and ready to offer help. And these men would have noticed a familiar pattern of human movements near my room. Entry of a hotel staff with eatables, exit of hotel staff, entry of a stranger with an empty hotel bag, exit of stranger carrying the same hotel bag, but now bulging with stuff.


Boy, Mr GM would get the report pretty soon that a major section of the hotel guests were enjoying the goodies!


I resolved not to call anyone in case some more food stuff appeared. Mercifully, we were left alone after this.

I did not realize that after the work was done around midnight, my two colleagues left my room fully satiated and carrying away the half-finished Old Monk bottle. Yes, in the now all-too-familiar opaque hotel bag!


I shut the door firmly and sprawled on the bed, fearing a call from Mr GM. I kept dreaming of Mr GM admonishing me, “Hey, you cheapo! The stuff I sent you was meant for your consumption alone, and not for you to treat the entire hotel!”


I was tense about the next day, the last day of my stay in the hotel.


 (To be concluded)


One Response to On 5 Star Hotel Service Levels: Part 3

  1. Amit Kumar Das says:

    Good to read the expected part of the tale presented in your unique style..waiting for the last piece on this series, I am wondering now – what it will contain ! Amit

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