Five Star Stories 4: The Intricacies of Electric Circuitry

Dinner done, and a few pages read of a book, you decide it is time for a shut-eye. You turn around towards the hive of switches next to the bed. These days the “hive” has got transformed into a neat “switch-board” with multiple soft-touch buttons. You select a switch which you think would do the job. The entire room goes into darkness. But for the pedestal lamp and the study table lamp and the aisle lamp. You try once again, this time another switch and then the aforementioned three go off but the remaining come on. Then you try a third switch. This switches off all save the aisle lamp. Still not good enough, and you try once again. This time all go off but the mirror lamp and the study table lamp come on. And so on and so forth till you feel fatigued and sleepy enough to ignore an extra light or two and bury your head in the blanket and go to sleep!


Have you, dear traveller, ever had a good night’s sleep in your hotel without bothering about the air-conditioning being set too high or too low. If you have had this luck, I envy you. It has been a rare night in which I have not found the a/c set to near freezing conditions. Never mind if the display of the a/c control panel shows you 23 degrees centigrade, with the fan at the lowest speed. It always seems to be 8 degrees. I am sure it always is. No matter in which direction you turn the knob to, the temperature refuses to budge into a more comfortable 20’s. So you get up in the middle of the night from under the blanket and with a resolute gesture switch off the a/c. The source of discomfort now smothered you get back to sleep till somewhere towards very early morning, when the sleep is at its deepest and the most cherished, you wake up sweating profusely; the room has become too hot! You switch on the a/c hoping to get a few hours of sleep but no sooner you have closed your eyes, it is the time for the morning wake-up. And that is the end of your sleep and time now to brush your teeth and admire yourself in the convex mirror!


I have always been wanting to suggest to the hotels to give their guests a ready reckoner for the lights as well as the a/c! 


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